SoClever™  founder Kylie Jaye, began her own company after a foundation career in the publishing industry. Working as an advertising/ brand-marketing brain for E-map, Pacific Publications, Haschette Press and ACP, the value of the printed word became highly evident. The tangibility, collectability and portability of mags and news print declines every year, but BOOKS still have a massive relevence to many consumers in the ‘print vs electronic media’ debate. Indeed a mixture of both being the ideal scenario.


    ‘Yoga TV’ and ‘Fast & Fabulous™’ television series both have published cook and health lifestyle books that align with the show and its content…and MiniXperts™ has e-books and digital downloadable ‘books’ for every theme.


     Now Books, manuals, custom publishing – e-books + physically tangible books extend, support and further the credibility and longevity of any brand or product.

You can always go back and refer to a book or e-book. Information on e-books can be TV video as well as printed word…a stimulating highly interactive and effective form of learning, entertainment & one-on-one interativity.


     Books are also a whole new pathway to exploring creativity and bringing the make-believe to life. CleverBooks is the digital and tangible publishing division. We have created kids books, cook books, health, fitness and wellness manuals, and inspiring stories that enrich.

And there are more on the way…