We              cleverFood... food that is super-­‐healthy & super-­‐naughty


We believe Food is a little bit like Love....you just can’t survive without it. Meals are what glues families together, set the scene for memorable moments and fuels a healthy, delectable life. The kitchen is where   we start our days, share our secrets and create traditions to last generations. And it is our connection to food that makes it so special. And well – it just makes us happy ! And that’s why we think food, food brands, products, and the way we market & teach deserves to be clever !

Kylie Jaye is a lifestyle expert and TV host, a passionate foodie, cookbook author and writer who has a penchant for health & nutrition. From wine and beverage, to snackfoods, artasian delicacies, confectionary and restaurants, SoClever has created strategy, styled shoots, designed packaging, menus and produced edible TV content for some of Australia and the world’s most gastronomic and basic foods. Award-­‐winning establishments – to a basic load of bread her deep understanding of how food is woven into our lives and leading strategies to a healthier way, to ridiculously divine tastes has led to her being asked to produce cookbooks for Hollywood A-­‐listers, and lauded chefs.

CleverFood creates a bespoke platform of agnostic food content for web, social media, marketing, sponsorship, apps, PR, promotion and powerful impact. Launches, events, installations & branded lifestyle products that compliment food-­‐brands such as kitchenwear, cups, plates, cookwear & clothing, disposables, catering items...even food trucks! Give us a challenge...we’ll give you a taste.