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Content is king:  powerful, magnetic, alluring and effective product to own, sponsor and use. We call ‘content that is visual’ TV. Produce it once: replicate, edit and re-use it forever. CleverTV was launched to create clever, high-end tv shows and platform agnostic content for the global market: broadcast, cable, iTV, online, mobile & digital... and ‘commercial entertainment’


Clever.TV offer a vast array of services to achieve maximum commercial application.



  • Strategic Content Plan 
  • Concept Development
  • Treatment Documentation
  • Location Scouting
  • Budget & Line Production
  • Talent Casting
  • Crew Management: Production
  • Branded TV Products
  • Apps & Digital Media
  • Social Media  & Marketing
  • Delivery & Distribution
  • Post Production
  • Design: Logo, GFX, Web
  • Music Soundtrack/Prod
  • Set Design: Custom Build